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StuFLaW 06/26: Summer, Debates, Avocado vs. Cucumber, Vacation, LARP Camp

I have a series of posts called StuFLaW that release concurrently with my normal posts, an acronym for Stuff From Last Week designed to make it really hard to press the shift key at the correct time while typing it. StuFLaW will contain topics from the previous week that are really more suited to a quick paragraph than an entire blog post, but I was thinking about them and wanted to include them. There's no regular schedule for StuFLaW, but it will happen whenever it's necessary. 

Without further ado, let's get right in.

1. SUMMMMMMMER!!!!!! I haven't said that yet, right?

2. The first Democratic presidential debates are tonight and tomorrow. The candidates were split up between two debates to prevent overcrowding. Tomorrow is the real debate, featuring Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, and some candidates who won't win. Today is Elizabeth Warren and some candidates who won't win. I'll be viewing both. I suggest you at least watch one, to develop an opinion about the presidential candidates and to see Buttigieg speak so I can feel like I've supported his campaign.

3. I've been orchestrating a second rendition of Avocado vs. Cucumber. I just finished this morning, and I was planning on writing a blurb about it, but I'm honestly too tired right now. Get back to me on this.

4. Last week, I was on vacation in Oregon and in Reno, Nevada. Near the Sierra mountains and even a bit farther, the word "Sierra" is immensely overused in marketing, and I've been collecting photos since last year to prove it. This is a blog post topic someday, so remind me.

5. I'm currently doing a LARP Camp. Jargon warning ahead. My character is a spicelord named Totem Bearer who is evasive and doesn't like to get into conflicts, so does everything he can to prevent them. In votes, he votes for each option. He was the Totem Bearer in an encounter yesterday, and died, so got a Divine Intervention of maintaining his abilities of Burning Touch Aura, Regen Touch (which is seriously broken), and Vulnerable to Magic, if I remember correctly. And that's a wrap for StuFLaW this week! The companion piece on Aubrey is here. –beautifulthorns


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