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I'm Jacob M. Cohen — purveyor of pencil puzzles, pupil of politics polls, promoter of personal predictions — though I'm also known as Conflux or beautifulthorns. (I also create Puzzles for Progress, home to hundreds of widely varying handcrafted original puzzles.) Welcome to Chromatic Conflux, where I post about whatever my whims have currently dictated I'm interested in!


There's no schedule now, though I was weekly from February 2019 to July 2020. (I don't categorically defend some of my old politics takes, but I'm still proud of most of what I wrote.) My best blog posts are located in the Favorites category, so if you're new, start there! Alternatively, scroll down for new posts, click on other categories that interest you, use the search feature, or really whatever you want. 


If you enjoy, subscribe below to be emailed when new posts release! (Monthly or less, on average, for now.)

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