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My Puzzle Book Now Exists!

If you haven't heard, I created a puzzle book, Best of Puzzles for Progress, and you can buy it at! Profits will be donated to anti-malaria charity Nothing But Nets.

Here's a real photo of the front and back covers!

As you can see, the book contains 42 hand-crafted logic and word puzzles curated from my website, Puzzles for Progress. They span a wide variety of puzzle types (from crosswords to sudoku to Capsules to Spirals) and a range of difficulties from easy to hard. I constructed each one by hand to be interesting, smooth, and fun to solve!

In addition to the puzzles, there are a few interludes throughout the book that showcase the winning wit you probably haven't come to expect from Chromatic Conflux. Also a possibly ill-advised "advance praise" section at the beginning, make it work, I have to now say that the book is arguably the defining anthology of Puzzles for Progress. Solvers may enjoy for minutes on end. I should also say I've seen worse puzzles. I've also seen better ones.

And this is a starred review, whatever that means. Why did I think this gag was a good idea? (That's also why this blog post is a day before the puzzle book technically releases–so it can be advance praise.)

I won't go on too long, but I'd be immensely grateful if you bought the book for $11.99 plus shipping at! I also think you'd enjoy it. Thanks for your support.


PS: On Barnes and Noble, the website I'm using, you get free shipping for orders over $35 in the United States. I'm not saying you should buy three copies and give two out as gifts, but you would get free shipping...

PPS: If you know me personally, you can also just buy a book from me in person; if you do this, you also get free shipping, and Nothing But Nets gets an increased share of the money. Whichever's more convenient for you!


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Nov 07, 2021

Is having exactly 42 puzzles a coincidence? 😀

Nov 08, 2021
Replying to

Everything has meaning :)

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