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#79: Puzzle Spotlight: Midloop

Hello, and welcome to Puzzles for Progress!

Today, I've made three Midloop puzzles for you. I have no real justification for today being Puzzle Spotlight — it's not even the first puzzle set of the month — except that I felt like making some Midloops. If you haven't done Midloop, it's one of those puzzle types with simple rules that still has a lot of depth.


First, Puzzle fordle Progress! I'm serious about doing a custom Wordle every time.

The easier Midloop:

Printable PDF / online with puzz.link

The medium Midloop:

Printable PDF / online with puzz.link

Now, for the harder Midloop, I made a logical leap while setting — I assumed something I shouldn't have — but I loved the deductions afterward so much that I wanted to keep the puzzle. Therefore, this puzzle has two random Xs. If you solve online, be sure to manually add these two Xs, as shown below! (puzz.link doesn't allow me to.)

Printable PDF / online with puzz.link (add Xs!)

Or: all three puzzles on one page / the answers

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