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#112: Star Battle, The Gold General's Tour, Crossword

Hello, and welcome to Puzzles for Progress! These last two weeks have really shown off the capriciousness of the puzzler creative process for me; I had a bit of puzzler's block last week (like writer's block, but for puzzlers, you know?), but was able to break out of it this week and make the puzzles you see here!

Puzzles fordle Progress, my wordle, is still seven letters. I think this one is on the more difficult side, but I don't really know: solve

The first puzzle is an easier Star Battle, because I realize I haven't made one in awhile, despite formerly having published a plethora:

Printable PDF / online with

Next: the King's Tour is one of my standard puzzle types, and the Knight's Tour has appeared exactly once. I was considering what other chess pieces could make interesting tours! The pawn and bishop are impossible, and the queen and rook feel rather underconstrained. So I was reading about some so-called fairy chess pieces, for inspiration, and I discovered a piece from Shogi, a Japanese chess-like game, called the gold general, which is essentially a chess king that can't move diagonally backward. I was intrigued, so I created the Gold General's Tour! It can also be considered an extra constraint on top of the King's Tour (or the puzzle Hidato).

Printable PDF / online with Penpa

This last puzzle, the one that got me out of my puzzler's block, was built around two 13-letter entries which I'd had good cluing angles for for months. I finally realized they were the same length, and decided to puzzlify them! Since I didn't feel like making a full 13x13, it's a 13x9 crossword, which I believe makes it the first non-square Puzzles for Progress crossword?

Printable PDF / online with Crosshare / downloadable .puz file

Or: all three puzzles on one page / the answers

(If you find any errors, it’s possible that I’ve fixed them on If I haven't, please tell me about them!)

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