Hello everyone! Welcome to Puzzles for Progress, a weekly puzzle page you can get delivered directly to your email. Each puzzle page contains three completely homemade puzzles that you can print out and enjoy. (Some of the puzzles are available online, but not all of them unfortunately - I'm working on it.) From crosswords to Capsules, the Spiral to the King's Tour, and everything in between, there should be something for everyone. In order to subscribe, simply scroll to the bottom and add your email. Additionally, the full archive of over 70 puzzles is available here



But it’s about more than the puzzles. It’s not in the news much, but every few minutes, a human being dies from malaria. However, not only is malaria preventable, but it only costs around $5 to purchase and ship a malaria net to a community in need. Nothing but Nets allows you to do this. It’s associated with the United Nations and a partner of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, so you can trust it’s legitimate. If you don’t donate, you shouldn’t feel guilty; that serves no purpose. But Nothing but Nets is perhaps the most efficient way your money can save lives, and I want to inspire you to help make the world better. To help, please go to and donate what you can. (The money goes directly to Nothing But Nets, just like the regular Donate page. This link is just so I can track our progress.)



No matter what, I’m super happy that you’re here! I want to make Puzzles for Progress as good as I can, so I welcome your feedback. Email me at with any questions, critiques, or suggestions, and I will respond. With all that out of the way, it’s time for the puzzles (which I'm linking again) and the progress (which I'm linking again). Enjoy–and if you do, don't forget to subscribe, right below!


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